Innovating Women

The Changing Face of Technology

Women in technology are on the rise in both power and numbers, and now it’s more important ...

Women in Tech

Take your career to the next level

A tech-oriented career guide for readers of #Girlboss and Lean In.

Alpha Girls

An unforgettable story

Silicon Valley has long been at the forefront of innovation, but it is renowned for its archaic ..


Breaking up the Boys' Club

For women in tech, Silicon Valley is not a fantasyland of unicorns ...

How to be a smart

woman in STEM

Increasing the presence of women in STEM is a business imperative.

Invisible Women

Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Discover the shocking gender bias that affects our everyday lives.

Female innovators at work

Women on top of tech

Describes the experiences and successes of female innovators and entrepreneurs ...

Saving Bletchley Park

How #socialmedia saved the home of the WWII codebreakers

Imagine a Britain without Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing ...

Demanding More

Why Diversity and Inclusion Doesn’t Happen and What You Can Do About It

Demanding More is THE diversity and inclusion book you need to read...

How To Talk To Robots

A Girl’s Guide To a Future Dominated by AI

How To Talk To Robots, is your girls guide to Artificial Intelligence...


How I Disrupted an Industry

After a lengthy career at the top of some of Britain’s leading banks ...

The Inevitable

Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

In this fascinating, provocative new book, Kevin Kelly provides an optimistic ...